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Worley Services Pty Ltd

associate member

Engineering Center


Level 25, 12 Creek Street 
Brisbane, QLD, 4000 
T+617 3239 7400
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Peter Cox
Vice President Pipelines & Terminals peter.cox@worley.com+61 402 007 539


Heritage Square 
8500 Macleod Trail SE, 400S 
Calgary, AB T2H 2N1 
T+1 403 258 8000
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Claus Mueller
Director, Business Development Canada West, Worley claus.mueller@Worley.com+1 780 732 2036
James Hale
Project Director - Advisian james.hale@advisian.com+1 403 301 3866


9189 S. Jamaica Street 
Englewood, CO 80112 
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Mark Olmsted
Pipeline Projects Director mark.olmsted@worley.com+1 720 286 4549


27 Great West Rd 
Brentford TW8 9BW 
T+44 20 8326 5000
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Daniel Rapiti
Senior Pipeline Project Manager daniel.rapiti@worley.com+44 208 121 1318


5995 Rogerdale Road 
Houston, TX 77042 
T+1 832 351 6000
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Kristy Bellows
General Manager, Onshore Oil and Gas kristy.bellows@worley.com+1 832 351 7053
Ramiro E. Rodríguez
Business Development ramiro.rodriguez@worley.com+1 832 351 7564

Perth Office

Level 14, 240 St Georges Terrace 
Perth, WA 6000 
T+61 8 9278 8111
F+61 8 9278 8110
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Nick Brown
Managing Director (INTECSEA ANZ) nicholas.brown@Intecsea.com+61 8 9289 5843
Offshore Services


Poortweg 6 
2612 PA Delft 
T+31 15 260 0700
F+31 15 256 0194
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Jeroen Timmermans
Engineering Manager jeroen.timmermans@intecsea.com+31 15 256 5676


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Pipeline Services

Worley is a leading global provider of professional services to the resource & energy sectors and the complex process industries. As the largest onshore pipeline project delivery provider, Worley has committed and experienced pipeline and pipeline facility resources in all regions of the world. Our services include: Project delivery in pipelines, pipeline facilities and terminals, Project management, procurement and construction management (EPCM), Geomatics /GIS/ route selection, Pipeline front-end engineering and design and detailed design, Pipeline crossings, trenchless technology including HDD and micro-tunnelling, Pipeline SCADA and controls, Material selection, pipeline coatings, mill inspections and cathodic protection, Pipeline facilities, compressor, pump and meter stations. Advisian is the independent consulting business line of Worley, sitting alongside Services, Major Projects and Integrated Solutions. Included in Advisian is our Pipelines Systems Select (feasibility studies), Environmental impact assessments, Pipeline approvals, cultural heritage, stakeholder relations and land management and our subsea pipeline business, INTECSEA.