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Head Office

SERIMAX Holdings - Vallourec Group

T+33 1 56 48 90 50
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Guillaume Graindor
General Director guillaume.graindor@serimax.com
Mickaël Dolou
General Director mickael.dolou@serimax.com
Area Offices

Europe, Middle East, Africa, CIS, Russia, Kazakhstan - SERIMAX EMEA/CIS

T+33 1 60 21 67 00
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Julien Blondeel
Vice President julien.blondeel@serimax.com
Jean-Sebastien Thin
Commercial Director jean-sebastien.thin@serimax.com

Northern Europe, UK and Scandinavia - SERIMAX NEU

T+44 1349 831 122
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Dave Mackay
Vice President dave.mackay@serimax.com
Kenny Coutts
VP Business & Diversification kenny.coutts@serimax.com

North & Central America - SERIMAX NAM

T+1 832 230 2700
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Cédric Chardenoux
Vice-President cedric.chardenoux@serimax.com
Stephan Faucher
Commercial Director stephan.faucher@serimax.com

South America - SERIMAX SAM

T+55 21 2275 6033
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Mickaël Dolou
Serimax Director mickael.dolou@serimax.com
Rogerio Casanova
Commercial Director rogerio.casanova@serimax.com

Asia Pacific - SERIMAX APAC

T+603 2603 4555
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Edern David
Vice-President edern.david@serimax.com
Pratap Patil
Commercial Director pratap.patil@serimax.com

Field Joint Coating - SERIMAX FJC

T+44 1254 264 320
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Craig Dolderson
Vice-President craig.dolderson@serimax.com
Martin Walker
Commercial Director martin.walker@serimax.com


Double jointing | Welding | Fabrication | Welding offshore | USA/Canada | Mexico/Central- South America | Western Europe | Eastern Europe | Africa | Middle East | Near East | Far East | Australasia |

Principal Services/Products

Serimax is a field service welding company offering fully integrated manual and automatic welding, Field joint Coating and fabrication solutions for your landline and sub-sea projects. We tailor each project to the needs of our clients and by doing so we provide the most appropriate technology and specialized personnel who work safely and efficiently, to ensure the project specifications are met. Being the owners of our field-proven technologies, we will adapt, upgrade and deliver specific manual and automatic welding solutions through our various applications, which allow us to be flexible and meet worldwide demands and capabilities. Since 2010, Serimax has been a part of the Vallourec Group, world leader in seamless tubular solutions for the Industry and Energy market. "THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL" : with offices all around the world (USA, Brazil, France, UK, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Serimax teams are able to be dispatched all around the world to deliver operational excellence.

ISO certification

ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / OHSAS 18001:2007 / ISO 3834