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Qapqa Group

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Central Office

Qapqa Group

De Amer 24 
Dronten 8253 RC 
T+31 321 386677
F+31 321 314165
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Ralph Wijnholds
Managing Director rw@qapqa.com
Danny Thomassen
Director Sales & Marketing dt@qapqa.com
Joris Kamerbeek
General Manager jk@qapqa.com


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Principal Services/Products

Qapqa is designer & manufacturer of automatic pipe welding equipment, welding tractors & peripheral equipment. Qapqa have been focusing at length to create the ability for contractors to deploy local content and with great success – all over the world. Qapqa provides solutions to the pipeline industry for various materials such as carbon steel, Duplex and other SS & CRA clad pipelines with various SS material cladding. Not only for pipeline construction but also for pipe-spool fabrication, tank erection & high pressure vessels with same equipment which is unique.

ISO certification

ISO 9001:2008