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associate member

Head Office & Plant


Via Enrico Mattei 49 
25046 Cazzago San Martino 
T+39 030 724 1521
F+39 030 772 1928
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Franco Vaccaro

Technical department - Product Engineering & Research & Development 
T+39 030 724 1521 (ext. 771 6232)
T+39 335 585 0954 (mobile)
F+39 030 772 1928
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Simonetta Gritti

Sales Assistant (L/of Credit Handling) 
T+39 030 724 1521 (ext. 771 6247)
F+39 030 772 1928
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Company supplied data | Adhesives | Pipeline coating manufacturer |

Principal Services/Products

European leader, second largest Supplier in the world of bimodal PE; PE adhesives; PP; PP adhesive for steel pipe coating. Best R&D center of steel pipe coating with a pilot line as for state-of the-art! The sole material Supplier with a real industrial coating line including pipe surface pre-treatment (blasting etc) for R&D; Clients' technical training; cooperation with Pipeline Owners and Pipeline Operators to support them in selecting the proper coating materials for their pipelines; The RELIABLE PARNTER IN CRISIS MOMENT! See South Stream Project/PP adhesive - www.mpb.it/view.php/one-company-one-team in our web to get details; The major supplier of Nord Stream I and II (65% of total PE+PE adhesive consumption); Manufacturer of polyolefin based products suitable to prevent corrosion of steel pipes: 3 layers systems in PE/PP for on-shore and off-shore applications; producer of the last generation of grafted adhesives for PE and PP with the best thermal stabilisation suitable to multi-layers system covering a wide range of temperatures; Special products for fittings and field-joint coating. The most performant PE adhesive either in granules or in powder versus ENI/ZOHR specs' stringent requirements (peel strength at 80°C far above 100 N/cm) thus we supplied for Zohr in South America, Asia, North Africa and Europe.

ISO certification

ISO 9001:2000; ISO 14001:2004; OHS 18001