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General Office


102 rue Jean-Baptiste Charcot 
92400 Courbevoie 
T+33 1 47 68 75 00
F+33 1 47 89 99 39
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Philippe Diaz
Larbi Touchen
Export Manager, Maghreb Countries
Stéphanie Carlier
Area Export Manager
Serge Thevenot
NDT Manager
Guillaume Gougne
Cathodic Protection Manager
Subsidiary Offices


30 Avenue des Frères Lumière 
78194 Trappes 
(4 agencies in France) 
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Philippe Diaz


ZI Batiment ,,Alligator’’ BP N° 76 
620 Ave Blaise Pascal 
77552 Moissy-Cramayel Cedex 
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Philippe Diaz


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Principal Services/Products

IPSI is specialised in design, manufacture and selling of industrial products and services for Oil & Gas industry and petrochemical units mostly in: - Non Destructive Testing: design, manufacture and selling of iris Crawlers from 6 inches to 60 inches X-ray and/or Gamma-ray configuration for onshore and offshore, supply of portable x-ray generators, gamma-ray projectors, isotopes, radiation safety material, radiographic films and chemicals, digital radiography system, mobile and semi-stationary darkrooms and accessories, processing films machines and dryers, ultrasonics, dye penetrant and magnetic particle materials. - Cathodic Protection: design, manufacture and selling of transformer-rectifier (air/oil cooled), supply of anode, junction box, test post, monitored cathode, anode, insulating joint, study of pipeline, tank, plant, sea line, port facility, civil engineering work, corrosion expertise; service, audit, expertise, control, site survey… - Instrumentation and pipeline equipment : pipeline accessories for cleaning, hydrostatic and hydraulic testing and pipeline drying… - Technical Assistance: purchasing, expediting in situ logistics, procurement, contract management, construction supervision. PLS Controle: - Non Destructive Testing: services in X-ray and Gamma-ray radiography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic and dye penetrant… - Inspection/supervision: corrosion expertise… - Cathodic protection: potential survey, pipeline coating survey system, soil resistivity measurement… - Operations: drying, detection of pipelines and cables, hydraulic testing, cryogenics. SEIG: mechanical service tees for low, medium pressure gas mains, plugs for low pressure gas mains, Gas mains, Drilling, taping machines, Pulling test heads, live insertion of low pressure gas mains, fire retardant coverings for lead services, renovation of low pressure gas risers.

ISO certification

ISO 9001/2008 Certification