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Borealis AG

associate member

Head Office

Borealis AG

IZD Tower 
Wagramerstrasse 17-19 
1220 Vienna 
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T+43 1 22 400 300
F+43 1 22 400 333

Branch Offices

France, Spain & Portugal

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Rob Nixon
rob.nixon@borealisgroup.com+44 16 064 2876 Sales Manager, Pipe

North Africa

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Tarik M'Bitel
tarik.mbitel@borealisgroup.com+212 522 879 484 Sales Manager, North Africa

South East Asia

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Kenny Ng
kenny.ng@borouge.com+65 6311 4684 Sales Manager, South East Asia

Germany, Benelux

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Peter Schönbach
peter.schoenbach@borealisgroup.com+49 17 1234 3521 Sales Manager, Pipe, DACH


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Carlo Gianetti
carlo.gianetti@borealisgroup.com+39 349 33 38 116 Sales Manager, Pipe, Italy


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Ümit Corbacioglu
umit.corbacioglu@borealisgroup.com+90 532 2362777 Sales Manager, Pipe, Turkey

North & South America, UK, Scandinavia

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Rob Nixon
rob.nixon@borealisgroup.com+44 778 533 6493 Key Customer Leader, Pipe Sales

Indian Subcontinent

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Gyanendra Shukla
gyanendra.shukla@borouge.com+91 961 988 4661 Regional Market Development Manager

Russia and CIS Countries

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Evgeny Blokhin
evgeny.blokhin@borealisgroup.com+7 985 992 0509 Sales Manager, Russia/FSU

Asia North

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Sachs Li
sachs.li@borouge.com+86 188 1103 0676 Sales Manager

Henry Xu
henry.xu@borouge.com+86 138 1787 7200 Sales Manager

Julian Wang
julian.wang@borouge.com+86 203 8193 221 Sales Manager


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Piotr Tomalski
piotr.tomalski@borealisgroup.com+48 51 219 71 95 Sales Manager, Pipe, Eastern Europe

Austria, Hungary

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Christoph Graf
christoph.graf@borealisgroup.com+43 664 96 67 572 Sales Manager, DACH

Czech Republic, Slovakia

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Milan Gajan
milan.gajan@borealisgroup.com+421 910 710 911 Sales Manager, Pipe, Eastern Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania

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Dario Kovacevic
dario.kovacevic@borealisgroup.com+385 91 57 24 704 Sales Manager, Pipe, Eastern Europe

Middle East

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Hasan Al Hosani
hasan.alhosani@borouge.com+971 5 0447 1741 Sales Manager

East Africa and Iran

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Mario Andrade
mario.andrade@borouge.com+971 5 0444 0519 Senior Sales Manager Pipe ME, Marketing


Pipe - Oil & Gas Marketing

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Thomas Stark
thomas.stark@borealisgroup.com+43 664 85 80 109 Application Marketing Manager, Oil & Gas

Chanchal Dasgupta
chanchal.dasgupta@borouge.com+91 98 202 31 591 Application Marketing Manager, Pipe (SPC)


Pipeline coating manufacturer |

Principal Services/Products

Manufacturer of Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) steel pipe coating systems and products. Advanced Borcoat™ High Density PE system for service temperatures up to 85°C, Borcoat PP systems for service temperatures up to 110°C. Borcoat multi-layer thermal insulation PP systems for deep water and/or service temperatures up to 150°C.

ISO certification

Sweden 9001:2000 and ISO 14001; Finland 9001:2000 and ISO 14001