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Head Office & Plant


10105 East 55th Place 
Tulsa, OK 74146 
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T+1 918 259 3050
F+1 918 259 3055

Bill Solomon 918 259 3050 President

Alan Odgers 918 259 3050 Vice President, Marketing

Randy Hayes 918 629 7380 Director, North America Sales

Steve Smith 918 619 5242 Director, International Sales

Subsidiary Offices

VACUWORX Australia

22 Huntington Street 
Clontarf, QLD 4019 
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T+61 498 101 888

VACUWORX Middle East

P.O. Box 46786 
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T+971 2 628 1888
F+971 2 628 1144

Principal Services/Products

FASTER. SAFER. SMARTER. For more than 15 years VACUWORX has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality heavy-duty lifting equipment for the oil, gas, water, sewer, utility and road construction industries. Our vision is to create the safest, most efficient work environment for those who handle heavy-duty pipe, plate, slab, HDD drill stem, and concrete road barriers. By leveraging the latest vacuum innovations with proven engineering practices, VACUWORX Lifting Systems provide the power, precision, and efficiency to move heavy materials ten times faster than conventional methods. VACUWORX maintains a global inventory of lifters and pads for rental and purchase. We understand the demands of the job site and remain fully stocked with parts, equipment, and 24/7 customer service to keep your projects moving.

ISO certification

VACUWORX is OSHA Compliant and ISO Standard 9001:2008 Certified for Quality Management Systems. Vacuworx meets or exceeds the following safety standards: ASME BTH-1-2011 for Design and Engineering; ANSI/ASME Standards Section B30.20 for Construction, Build and Implementation; AS 4991-2004 Standards that apply to vacuum lifters; European CE Machinery Directive; European CE Low Voltage Directive; European CE Electromagnetic Interference Directive.