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Trikausch India Pvt Ltd

Trikausch House 
M-26 Commercial Complex 
Greater Kailash Part II (Market) 
New Delhi 110 048 
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T+91 11 2921 76 75
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F+91 11 29211569

Renu Kapoor

Rohit Kapoor
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Varun Kapoor
+91 9811055773 Director - Sales and Marketing

Saahil Kapoor 9818068298 Business Executive


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Principal Services/Products

Trikausch is India's leading solution provider for the construction, maintenance and integrity management of the Energy and Transport Infrastructure. Serving the on shore and off shore Energy industries in the Oil and Gas and Power Sector in India over the past 40+ years, Trikausch has upheld a successful track record for providing construction equipments and services for construction of assets such as pipelines for Oil & Gas transportation, head-race tunnels for Hydro Electric Power Projects, and integrity management solution for Energy Assets. Trikausch has led the way in introducing mechanized solutions for construction of tunnels for the transport sector , and has a leading market share in supply of tunneling equipments , consumables and services. Automatic welding equipment-internal and external welding services, pipe facing machines, clamps; Pipe layers, paywelders, sidebooms, welding tractors; Pipe Bending equipment, pipe handling, padding/ crushing/ jointing systems, coating plants, laybarge equipments, pipeline supplies; Heavy-duty vacuum lifting equipments for pipe mills and ports; Holiday detectors, pig trackers, jeep meters; Semi-automatic and manual pipeline welding sets, welding generators and inverters; Semi-automatic and manual welding consumables; Horizontal Directional Drilling, Micro tunneling and Pipe jacking equipments; Cutback and stringer bead welding brushes; Pipeline pigs; Caliper surveys; NDT and inspection services for new construction and maintenance; Field Joint Coating services; Heat shrink sleeves and cold applied tapes for corrosion protection; Tunnel Boring Machines, Locomotives, Gaskets, Tunnel Fittings, Ground Conditioning and Sealing Lubricants