Sime S.r.l.

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Head Office

Sime S.r.l.

Localit√† Le Morelline Due 
57016 Rosignano Solvay (Livorno) 
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T+39 0586 728111
F+39 0586 728222

Matteo Bertolini 0586728202 CEO

Operating Branches

Sime S.r.l. - San Giuliano Milanese

Via Tolstoj 86 H5 
20098 S. Giuliano Milanese (Milano) 
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T+39 029849951
F+39 0298499522


SimeROM S.r.l.

319, Splaiul Independentei 
sect.6, Ob 19-19a, Ground Floor 
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T+40 31 805 9216
F+40 31 805 9215

SimeFRA S.A.R.L.

6, Rue de Lyon - 75012 
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Paolo Papalia
Branch Offices

Sime S.r.l. Abu Dhabi

Office no. 801, Orient Travel Building 
Muroor Road 
P.O. Box 115079 
Abu Dhabi 
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T+971 2 6423999

Matteo Baggiani 5081 25951 / +39 34 04528390 UAE Manager

Types or Fields of Activity

Private engineering company founded in 1989, with its head office in Rosignano Solvay, Livorno Province, Italy. Currently, Sime has facilities in Florence and Milan, Bucharest, Paris and Abu Dhabi. It supports mainly General Electric and the ENI Group in the Oil and Gas sector, specifically in Offshore and Onshore fields. Today SIME employs 280 engineers and technical staff not only to support the variety of design and engineering required by its customers but also to supply skid mounted Process Packages and Solutions for Plants and Auxiliaries aimed at saving raw material, products and energy.

ISO certification

ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 14001:2004 - OHSAS 18001:2007