Challenger Services

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Challenger Services

4530 S. Jackson Ave. 
Tulsa, OK 74107 
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T+1 918 4470055
F+1 918 4470067

Principal Services/Products

Challenger Services offers a complete line of pipeline equipment and construction equipment to contractors throughout the world, focusing on both equipment and support items. Using experience gained from Sabre International, Challenger Services offers hydraulic pipelayer attachments, complete pipelayers, excavators, earthmoving machines, vacuumlifts, pipecarriers, welder tractors, pipe benders and many other specialized machines. Support items include welding machines, holiday detectors, slings, spreader bars, external clamps and accessories. Several designs of welder tractors and tack rigs have been refined into improved models of the Auto-400, Quad-400, Dual-300 and Combo Units on D6, D7, TD-15 and Challenger Tractors. Challenger Services has improved the designs perfected from more than 55 years in welder tractor design and fabrication. In addition to the welder tractors, Challenger Services also offers heavy-duty designed fill pumps, test pumps, combination pumps and ditch pumps. The company's mission is to offer the best equipment possible to help make the pipeliner's job more profitable. Along with improvements, Challenger Services will also be a full line sales and service company for the vast population of existing and future machines around the world built and sold by Caterpillar, Grove, Sabre International, Wheatley, Peerless, Goulds and Quincy. The goal at Challenger Services is to offer complete product support for all models of welder tractors, pumps and many other products of different manufacturers.